Friday, July 13, 2012

News from Ethan and Jan Serbia

Dear Friends,
Yesterday, Ethan and I received our visa for Serbia! We’re so thankful to God and to you for praying for us. The police inspectors finally decided that we should get our visas from the office in the city, Niš, where we will live most of the year (except when we’re at camp.) The inspector, Jelena, was so nice and helpful. We were extremely blessed to have her for our case, and even look forward to seeing her again in October to start the paperwork for our next visa. This first visa, by law, could only be for 6 months, but the next one ought to be for a full year. God is so good. 
Because we had to return to Niš for the visa, we missed the last day of the Roma Children’s Camp, and the first 3 days of the Roma Teenagers Camp. We’re happy to be at camp again, and the teachers have only good things to share about this new group of campers. Pray for the 21 teens here to have a life-changing meeting with the Lord Jesus Christ. Some cannot read, most have difficult life situations, and without God their futures will be dark. Pray God opens their eyes and hearts to the light of His wonderful Word.
To God be all the glory, honor, and praise!
Jan and Ethan

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thomas and Deitberg

Please remember Thomas and Deitberg as they left for a visit to some countries in Europe.Thomas has many preaching engagements in various assemblies over the next 6 weeks. We value your prayers for safe journeys for their visit.

George Best Tee Shirts

Jethro Williamson has kindly sent following information, please click on link and contact Jethro if interested in any items.
In 2005 George Best died and many loyal fans left shirts outside his house and these shirts were taken by his sister for the George Best Foundation. We the M.E.T team based in Holywood Northern Ireland have been given some of these shirts to raise money for our work in Europe mainly Eastern Europe where we support full time christian missionaries financially as well as giving them personal support in the stressful work they fulfil on a daily basis. I will be shortly posting pictures of the football shirts,scarfs and hats we have been given by the George Best Foundation and will leave them on here for anyone to donate money to our work and we will in turn give you a shirt,scarf or hat of your choice and a letter of authentisity for the item you have chosen. We wont put a set price on any of the items but because this is a trust we would appreciate decent donations so please get in touch and we look forward to hearing from you!

Surprised by Serbia by Jim Fleming

If you would like to follow Jim and Christina visit to Serbia, click on link below.

Title " Surprised by Serbia"

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Serbia Conference/ Youth Camps

1) International coordinator of Emmaus Correspondence School, Jim Fleming from USA is on his tour through South-East Europe. Lord willing, he is going  with his wife Sharon and daughter Christina to visit Serbia this weekend. For this reason there is  planed a small regional conference in Backi Petrovac assembly and  expect some 120 believers to attend this conference. On Sunday, 24th. June Jim is going to preach on following topic:

The Perfect Match for God’s Work:
1. “Hear I am!” My response when God calls.
2. “I am with you.” God’s promise if I respond
Please, do pray for Lord´s blessing during this meeting.
Summer time is very busy at camp site Bethel located in a mountain range Fruska Gora, close to city of Novi Sad in Serbia.
 With a joy !! to  say that all 5 camps are fully booked and nearly 200 children will have opportunity to spend 6 days listening God´s word, singing prises and enjoying fellowship. Mostly of these children come from non believers families
First camp start on next Sunday (24th. June) and the last, organised by Bethel Team finishes on 28th. of June. The other five weeks Bethel Team will host different Christian groups who regularly use the advantage of our camp site. They expect that all together some 400 children and young people will participate one week Christian camp at Bethel. Praise the Lord for this opportunity to serve with Gospel to many children at this time, when it is more and more difficult to share the Gospel in our country.
This news was sent from Vladimer Majersky who serves The Lord with his wife Anna in Serbia

Prayer requests from Jan and Ethan Schrader

Ethan and Jan are at camp now helping to prepare for the kids coming Wednesday.  The police in Nish have set up an interview for them tomorrow to see if they can get a visa. Also Child Evangelism Fellowship (Serbia) with whom they work and who run the camps don't have enough financial support for the camps yet...and they start Wednesday :) So, they are standing in the need of prayer...

1. Pray for the teachers and volunteers to rely on God and His Holy Spirit power at all times, preparing for camp, speaking with kids, sharing God's love with all they meet.
2. Pray Ethan Jan will have a successful interview tomorrow without any real problems and we will receive our visa as a result of the interview.
3. Pray CEF(Serbia) will receive donations for camp so they can buy food, pay for the campers (most can't actually afford to pay their own way), and have the funds needed to complete the tasks needed.
4. Pray God will be glorified this summer in amazing ways. Each summer we see Satan attack, and then we see God glorified and His love change lives.
5. Pray for the campers' hearts to be prepared to hear the Good News.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Outreach 2013 Shetland Islands

We are looking for workers to go to The Shetland Islands in June 2013 (DV) This is an outreach work for gospel. if anyone is interested please e mail the below address.


Thank you


Just to update on our brither Dr Jovan Stupar who had a very serious fall last year, we are delighted to say
Jovan and his wife Marta have been able to attend meeting for the past 2 Sundays. We praise God for this wonderful gift of healing and we ask for continued prayer for Jovan. Our brother was able to open the meeting in prayer! we rejoice with the Christians at Smartno in Slovenia.
Thoams and Deitberg hope to be visiting this area in the Summer we value your prayers for them as they leave on june 30th for Europe for meeting in various Assemblies.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Serbia (Letter from Etan and Jan)

Greetings from Serbia!
Thank you for your continued prayers. Our transition from Macedonia to Serbia has been blessed, but we are still planning to go to Bitola sometime this summer for a baptism.
Our apartment in Niš and all the neighbors we have met so far are nice. We hope to finish painting the bedroom soon, so we can clear out the living room, in order to get living room furniture and start having friends and neighbors over.
We started our visa process. Supposedly, all we need is to wait for an interview sometime in the next month. The first visa is for a maximum of 6 months, and upon renewal we can receive year-long visas.
Thank you for praying for our friend, Darko Srnka. He had his hernia surgery without any problems, and the doctor pulled the stitches today. He’s able to move around fine, but he has to pack in order to move to a new house this weekend. There are plenty of guys coming Saturday to help so that he does not have to lift anything.
Our new position is a dual role of helping the Child Evangelism Fellowship - Serbia office and leading the local assembly of believers.
Concerning the first role, you will notice most of this month’s calendar concerns workers and events for the CEF work in Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia. The director of CEF-Serbia, Darko Adamek, is also in charge of Montenegro and Bosnia—a big task with few workers. Ethan will be doing finances and both of us will be doing various support jobs. This summer, our main job will be camp facility directors. We are scheduled to be at all 8 camps this summer. We will be managing finances, supplies, and background stuff, so the teachers can focus on reaching the kids. It is similar to what we had been doing the past two summers, just broader. Please pray for the camps in Mrchajevci, and a godly influence on all the people we meet in town while running errands. (We also just found out we’ll be leading an hour and a half lesson on evolution versus creation for at least the first 2 kids camps- in Serbian!)
Our second role is currently limited. Our second day in Serbia, Sunday the 13th, Darko Adamek and Ethan split the Bible discussion, plus input from the others in the group. The next two Sundays, Ethan preached from the first chapter of Acts. Ethan is preaching in Serbian, but his language is limited. Pray for the Spirit to continue to help, and for both of us to improve rapidly. Last Saturday we also had our first class with four “new Christians” (some have been believers a year or two, others are newer). Ethan led the discussion with much assistance from Darko Srnka. The goal of this group is to cover basic Christianity for a good foundation, and hopefully all of them will be obedient in baptism and a healthy faith-led walk. One girl, Ana, and Darko’s friend, Milan, want to be baptized immediately, but the other two are between “someday” and “I don’t need it.” Unfortunately, due to some sort of flu, we have not been able to focus as much as we would have liked on moving and office work, nor have we been able to really begin cultivating new Serbian friendships.
In Christ,
Ethan & Jan
Please pray for planned outreaches for 2012'
as shown below.

June 20 - 26
1st Serbian Children
Darko & Lidija Adamek
June 27 - July 3
2nd Serbian Children
Darko & Lidija Adamek
July 4 - 10
Roma Children
Dragan & Daniela Stanojlovic
July 11 - 17
Roma Teenagers
Dragan & Daniela Stanojlovic
July 18 - 24
Serbian Youth (16-20s)
Darko Srnka
August 1 - 7
Serbian Teenagers
Darko Srnka
August 8 - 14
Slovakian Teenagers
Katarina Hric
August 22 - 28
Hungarian Teenagers
Šamuel & Renata Halasz

Assemblies in Serbia

Listed below are the Assemblies in Serbia.

1) Backi Petrovac
2) Novi Sad
3) Kisac
4) Kulpin
5) Subotica & Kanjiza
6) Stara Pazova
7) Kovacica
8) Padina
9) Jabuka
10) Sremska Mitrovica

Please pray for these Assemblies.
11) Beograd

We continue to pray for Vladimer and Anna Majersky, who serve The Lord in Serbia. I had the privilage of visiting Vladimer and Anna last year so am adding new news from Serbia and ask for your continued prayers for the allThe Lords people who serve in this land.

Vladimer plans to in the Summer and September  to continue with the work among young people both with CEF and Bethel. We value your prayers..

News from Croatia

Hi, everyone
Updating news from Croatia. I received this from Damir Strbad and thought it most wonderful. This brother
is assembly based in Rijeka.
He has just finished a web page for Croatia below is the link if you wish to view.


Friday, November 18, 2011

During our recent visit (November) to the little Assembly in Smartno, Slovenia, we had the privilege to meet Marta, the wife of Dr Jovan Stupar, who had a very serious fall in late August.
You may recall that the early diagnoses was that this man of God was “vegetating”, however, “prayer was made” and the Lord his answered in a most wonderful way…
Dear Jovan, while still seriously ill, is now able to feed himself with a spoon, sit up for a very short time and has even taken his first step.
Thomas Jennings
Dear Brethren and Sisters
… and so, in the goodness of the Lord, we come to the end of another year, overjoyed that He has answered your supporting prayers for us and allowed us to see salvation in England and Hungary, the assembly in Rijeka, Croatia, strengthened beyond our dreams, opportunities to bring “City Bibles” into Israel and Macedonia, with further openings in England, Slovenia and Hungary and the saints encouraged through the gospel and ministry in Greece, Macedonia, Turkey, Israel, Shetland, England, Wales, Ireland, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia. For these rich blessings we praise the Lord.
And yet, 2011 has had its own measure of problems, as we have witnessed divisions,the loss of our Motor Home with all our possessions, accidents, leaders led aside and major trials amongst the Lord’s dear people.
And yet, we are amazed that God ever takes us seriously (Job 7;17-19), especially as we are so insignificant (Psalm 8:1-3) and unreliable. But, not only that, He is pleased even to use us in His eternal purposes

That is our God and we praise Him as we look out to 2012, in His will.
But, please continue to support us in prayer… we need it!
Thomas and Dietburg Jennings

Monday, November 14, 2011

The Water of Life, project in which Met has been asked to build a small gospel centre and bring water to a village plans to go ahead. Met would like to sincerly thank all those who have graciously supplied all the funding for materials required for project.
The leaders in Macedonia are presently drawing together all the plans for the work in Spring 2012 (DV)
We urgently need plumbers, builders, labourers, in a word, practical expertise and help for the first "Gospel Room"in this area and help our vision become a reality.
If you are interested in becoming a part of this exciting project please contact MET office for details. Stating "water of life" on mail introduction
Thank you
On 13th November, Thomas returned safely from recent visit of 16days, to Budapest in Hungary and Serbia.
In Hungary he participated in a youth conference and held a series of gospel meetings and had the joy of seeing one young man profess salvation.
We thank The Lord for his blessing.
He then traveled to Serbia and met with the Saints who serve The Lord in Backi Petrovac, Subotica and Novi Sad.
Please be encouraged to pray for the work in Europe.

Monday, August 30, 2010

For God so loved.....

Yea, and this was the very design of God's love in sending him into the world. Whosoever believeth on him - With that faith which worketh by love, and hold fast the beginning of his confidence steadfast to the end.

God so loved the world - That is, all men under heaven; even those that despise his love, and will for that cause finally perish. Otherwise not to believe would be no sin to them. For what should they believe? Ought they to believe that Christ was given for them? Then he was given for them.

He gave his only Son - Truly and seriously.

And the Son of God gave himself, Gal 4:4, truly and seriously.